Who am I

Welcome to FM by Gem!

Thank you for stopping by! My Name is Gemma Higgs and I am a FM Distributor & Team Leader.

I am also a full time Project Officer and I run my FM business around my full time job.

My Mission to YOU

My mission to you is to bring you high quality products without the designer price tags. Quality direct to the customer. High Customer Service - I LOVE shopping so I know what I like to get from a good shopping experience and want to bring that to you. Discounts, special offers & service with a smile!

Federico Mahora is a global company which supplies a wide range of high quality products including men's and women's fragrances, make up, skin care, body care, tea's and coffee's, cleaning products, pet care... the list really does go on!

How I started

I had never heard of FM up until summer 2016 when my friend told me he is a FM rep and I tried out lots of the fragrance samples, they were amazing! Some very similar to the expensive designer brands I buy... but no where near as expensive as what i usually spend! I couldn't work it out! Are they fakes? No, not at all! The perfume oil is even made in the same place as the designers (www.drom.com). The reason the prices are so low is because FM design their own bottles, no marketing or advertising (ah another reason they are not so well known yet!), no celebrity endorsements (I have been an extra on TOWIE thats not quite celeb status yet!), no distribution costs in shops - and the saving is bought direct to the customer. Some perfumes and aftershaves we buy in the shops have over a 2500% mark up! Shocking!

I had to tell all my friends and family! What have we been doing all this time?! I am a perfume snob and used to quite happily spend £50 - £80 on a perfume! And this is how my FM journey started, I signed up straight away! I love their products! My family loves their products! My friends love their products! All of a sudden I had a customer base. FM has now become a hobby for me as well as earning me extra money for holidays.

Love fragrance, love make up, love money? Join my team!

If you are interesting in joining my team please get in touch! I have 6 fabulous people in my team who are all doing really well by introducing their friends and family to the brand. And its not just that, the compliments! So many have had compliments from strangers to say how nice they smell! And that is how the FM word spreads! There is no minimum monthly orders, no joining fee and no pressure to buy a starter kit! You can have access to all these products at cost price - there really is nothing to loose, and you can earn a pretty penny too! If you have a passion for make up and fragrance you will LOVE working for FM!

Happy shopping, please get in contact if you need any advice on products, want to host a party or join my team! 




It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.

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