MLM career

Like most people we were brought up in a very traditional way, went to school, worked hard, passed some exams, got qualified and get a JOB … it is only with hindsight that we  realise how cruel such a traditional upbringing was; that condemnation to a JOB for life. In Ian's case he worked for the Government for a few years but left and set up my own business when aged 25. He thought I was smart but with hindsight and MLM experience  realized how very naive he was, having literally overnight traded one boss, the Government, for what turned out to be thousands of clients [bosses] over the years who all treated him like an employee and would have him work 24/7/365 for pennies …. How smart was he ?

In 2009 Birute, her sponsor and CEO of FM World UK conspired to put Ian on the stage at the National Conference speaking about family support which he dutifully did.

The following morning Birute reminded Ian of the fine words spoken to conference and that he now ‘needed to get serious about this business’; divorce in the UK can be very costly so …. so ‘get serious’ it was. Even though Ian was an FM member and stuck in his traditional business and so very English that he had not even heard of Network Marketing or MLM so  set about learning and understanding everything about it as business model. It didn’t take him too long to realize the power of MLM and how with some concerted effort it would provide a passive income for life and an inheritance for the family that wasn’t a liability.

In March 2015 with the FM business growing Ian ‘sacked’ my business partner, encouraged the remaining workforce to become self-employed and have worked the planning and architectural consultancy business just a couple of days a week whilst continuing to grow the FM business and enjoy the lifestyle that it provides. In July 2017 a little ahead of his 62 birthday he closed the practice, in effect retiring, and toured Europe with Birute in their FM logoed Mercedes SUV #fmlifestyle 


It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.

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