Who am I

Hello I’m Nikki

I just wanted to introduce myself and tell you little bit about who I am.

I’m a single mum who has had a long journey to get to where I am today. In 2008 I joined FM Perfumes, I loved my job and enjoyed meeting people as I am a people person.

I built a team and I was doing really well until I took ill and ended up in a wheelchair, it felt like my whole world shattered in front of me.

Losing all my confidence and not able to walk took away everything I loved; I lost lots of time with my children as my youngest was under 2 yrs and having a 6 and 7 year old. I felt very depressed.

I had to give up working with FM and was doing nothing; but I did not want to live this way, so with the help from my family and friends I started getting my strength back and walking again which gave me the confidence again to live my life and make up for all the lost time with my children.

After a lot of hardship I started walking, driving and just being me, I still suffer from fibromyalgia & osteoarthritis but that is not going to stop me as life is what you make of it.

Here I am again back to what I love doing the most - FM and I am much stronger and full of life and my FM Business is growing once again.

This has been my reality, if I can do it anyone can, will-power and support and everything else will fall in place.




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